Events & Activities

Meeting with Haryana Education Minister Sh Kanwar Pal Singh Gujjar

Education 4.0: A Challenge For School Leaders

Date: 17th July 2021
On the 17th of July, 2021, AIP had hosted a knowledge-sharing session on the topic “Education 4.0- A Challenge for School Leaders”.The insightful webinar into the current state and the future of education was hosted and attended by a number of education leaders in their respective fields.

AIP National Council Meeting

Date: 10th March 2021
On the 10th of March 2021, The Association of Indian Principals hosted its first ever National Council Meeting. The meeting covered topics that were relevant to all those connected to the education space and was attended by the majority of the council members whose contributions to the discussions that took place had made it a success.

Upcoming Events

  • Event 1 Wed 9am - 7pm

    Meetings with Government and educational authorities – 14/09/2021

  • Event 2 Wed 9am - 11pm

    Networking events – 04/10/2021

  • Event 3 Wed 10am - 9pm

    Education Summit – 02/11/2021

  • Event 4 Wed 9am - 2pm

    International collaborations seminars – 06/12/2021

  • Event 5 Wed 11am - 10pm

    Education Investment attraction summit – 03/01/2022

  • Event 6 Wed 9am - 7pm

    Trade delegations – 10/01/2022

  • Event 7 Wed 9am - 7pm

    Research and Analysis workshop – 01/02/2022

  • Event 8 Wed 11am - 10pm

    Blog and content production workshop – 05/03/2022


MR. Dilip Sharma Meeting with Ms Natasha Zangin, Counsellor, Head of Economic and Commercial Mission, Embassy of Israel

MR. Dilip Sharma Meeting with Ms Annabelle Larouche , Counsellor & Sr Trade Commissioner Canada

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